the less you stay

the more i lose my place

salsuh sauce
16 October 1976
Hey, if you're reading this, congratulations. Heh.

First off, this journal is friends only. For numerous reasons, but mostly because of stupid people.

I am a school counselor, and it's the best career ever. How do you feel about that? (heh heh heh, I'm so damn funny).

I'm a liberal. I wasn't until I went to college and woke the hell up. Suck it if you don't like that.

I can get touchy-feely but for the most part I'm a realist. Then I turn around and cry at Hallmark commercials.

I love Barenaked Ladies. Best band in the universe. If you think I'm nuts for still liking the dorks who sing "One Week" and "Million Dollars," then I suggest you shut up and go to a concert. Then talk to me again. Oh, and if you think that you're now "too good for them" or you're "just not into them as much as you used to be," well get off your high horse and listen to them again. They haven't changed much. They still rock my world, so shut up and stop acting like some music elitist. Sure, they're going through a change right now, but I feel a need to be as supportive as humanly possible.

I think urban exploration is fascinating. I have no real courage to try it myself, but I love looking at photos of abandoned buildings; especially asylums and hotels.

Oh yeah, I'm also a camp counselor. Well, I'm a camp director but I think of all of us on the same plane. I also spent 10 summers at Camp Seven Hills, 6 summers at Camp Amahami, and 9 summers at Zoar Valley Camp (only 3 of those as a counselor, the other 6 were camper years) and it's freaking fantabulous. It's super fun, super crazy, and I wouldn't trade my experiences for the world. The ups, the downs, the in-betweens, even the drama---I love every minute of it. Okay, so I don't love the drama so much. I've met my best friends at camp, and they will always be my best friends no matter where I work. I look forward to meeting more this summer! Send a child you love to camp, he or she will benefit from the experience for years to come. I was a child of camp, and I look at my job as continuing the cycle. Trying to be a fraction of what my counselors were to me is something I can't put a price on. Same with my previous camp directors. To me, the best feeling is watching a camper cry at final campfire---I know that we've done our job then. They walk in crying because they don't want to be there but at the end of their stay they're crying because they don't want to leave. Absolutely. Indescribable. Feeling.

And what a great feeling it is.

pixie_16 put this in her journal:
You know you've worked at camp when:
1) Seriously, every other word out of your mouth is seriously.
2) Uber is the new word you use to describe everything
3) Seriously
4) You would rather be in a tent in the pouring rain then
anywhere else in the world.
5) Nobody has "real" names
6) You wear plaid and stripes and think nothing of it
7) You choose from muddy, muddier, and muddiest clothing
8) You randomly yell dead bug
9) Seriously
10) You no longer answer to your own name
11) Coffee is your new best friend
12) You only shower twice a week and don't see anything wrong
with that.
13) Eating real food involves going to the local malls food court
14) Seriously

Me likey the interwebs.

The current terror level is:
Terror Alert Level

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